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JuliaRoss Environmental Policy

JuliaRoss is leading the field in candidate and client care and aims to lead by example in caring for the natural environment in which it operates. We are committed to the sustainable use and protection of the natural environment.

In meeting our environmental management objectives and targets in accordance with the International Environmental Standard ISO 14001, JuliaRoss commits to:

  • Consistently strive to reduce the environmental impact of the business by encouraging the conservation and reuse of materials and equipment through promotion of a paperless environment and implementing where reasonable the recycling of waste paper.
  • Ensure ongoing environmental awareness and responsibility incorporated into the Management Review process.
  • Employee awareness and compliance with sustainable behaviors through appropriate training and communication initiatives focused towards continual improvement.
  • Establishing and regularly reviewing programs that achieve agreed quality and environmental targets and objectives.
  • Maintain and review environmental management systems and where necessary develop action plans to manage and control environmental risks.
  • Communicate internally and with stakeholders to ensure participation in environmental objectives and improvements, and to inform them of our performance.
  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulatory requirements.

JuliaRoss actively promotes and supports activities that will assist in the conservation of resources, minimisation of waste, avoidance of pollution and improvements to air and water quality.

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