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Employers and Clients
  • From 1 August 2014 JuliaRoss UK and Ireland will be known as Chandler Macleod Group. Working with Chandler Macleod, you will continue to experience our personalised service in Australia. You will also have the opportunity to benefit from additional HR Services. To view Chandler Macleod’s client services, click here.
  • We continue to provide Recruitment Services in the UK and Ireland under the JuliaRoss brand.

Recruitment Services – UK & Ireland

The best candidate, every time

At JuliaRoss, our teams in the UK and Ireland only supply candidates with the right fit – for the job and the organisation.

To deliver on this commitment, we ensure thorough job specifications are taken on all occasions, providing us with a deep understanding of the details of the role including how the position contributes to the team, cultural fit, organisational fit and key performance indicators.

Every candidate we work with receives thorough screening and induction to ensure they have the skills, the experience and the motivation to hit the ground running. We thoroughly prepare our candidates for their new role or work with clients – including up-skilling and refresher training as required.

Regular, effective communication

When you contact our JuliaRoss UK or Ireland offices, you can be assured your call will be answered every time – by someone who knows your business. We’ll provide you with regular updates on filling the role, as well as follow up communications after interviews and post-placement.

Smart processes behind the scenes

At JuliaRoss, we understand that efficiency is important to all clients and minimising disruption to their business is an essential element of our service. Our back office procedures are integral to most clients; we ensure that temporary/contractor placements are paid accurately and that invoicing is accurate.

Experienced consultants

It’s a rigorous process to become a JuliaRoss consultant in the UK and Ireland. We take the identification of talent very seriously, and have a strong commitment to the continuing professional development of all our people.

Each of our consultants commit to one hour weekly training, to ensure they are skilled in the latest trends and techniques for sourcing and engaging candidates, and providing outstanding service to our client and candidate partners alike.

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