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Case Studies - Provision of Managed Services

JuliaRoss has a track record of being highly proficient and proactive in developing cost reduction and business efficiency strategies for our contracted clients. Our organisation-wide philosophy in building the business has been one of always providing cost-conscious, value for money service. We believe we provide an excellent service, at lower cost than others charge for a lesser service. The success of our business has been built on this approach and the fact that we deliver speaks for itself in the way our business has grown.

Several case studies of Provision of Managed Services are detailed below.

  • Case Study One - Major International Banking Group
    This is a significant banking/financial services brand we have been working with since the mid-1900s. Due to some of the service initiatives that we have brought to their business, we were able to reduce their total recruitment costs by a substantial amount. We are Master Vendor to this client and because of their brand power and attractiveness as an employer brand...Read More.
  • Case Study Two - Government Agency
    JuliaRoss has implemented a number of changes servicing this account that have streamlined processes, created time efficiencies, reduced costs and improved the overall service provision to the department.  These innovations include: reduced rates for bulk recruitment; streamlining the contract extension process for hiring managers by removing the need for managers...Read More.
  • Case Study Three – Managed Call Centre Service
    The client’s objectives were to: Reduce Call Waiting time, Reduce Call Handling time, Reduce training cost, Minimise impact of surges, Improve customer satisfaction levels, Achieve best value for money. A focused highly motivated on-site management team created a site culture and a work environment that rewards staff loyalty and achievement and ...Read More.
  • Case Study Four – Major Insurance Provider
    JuliaRoss has been providing services to this client since 2002. They have grown dramatically in the last few years with its acquisitions of other organisations in the insurance sector. Their growth and the recent implementations of the Financial Sector Reform Act (FSRA) has meant greater pressure to focus on professional development of their staff. ...Read More.
  • Case Study Five – Data Capture/Cleaning/Verification
    For this program JuliaRoss joined with the client in conducting site performance analyses, task benchmarking, task measuring, activity benchmarking and staff performance measuring to agree on and roll out national performance expectations, task by task, for every activity carried out in completing the projects. These National Performance Expectations ...Read More.

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